Copper Chef Pan Reviews 2018 – Induction Cooktop & Cookware Set

About Copper Chef

Everyone knows that the secret to great food is optimal preparation. Sure, all the ingredients you choose will have a pretty big effect on the taste. But the cooking equipment you choose can either make or break your entire effort.

Cookware is more than just as necessity – it’s an investment. So if you find yourself in need of a few new pots and pans, don’t settle for anything less than the best. These days, there are over hundreds of different cookware brands that are all fighting for consumers’ attention. However, very few actually have what it takes to meet the standards of discriminating buyers.

So, which one can really give you the best bang for your buck? Say hello to the Copper Chef.

This brand of premium cookware offers a variety of different products that promise to help you put your best culinary foot forward. The brand takes pride in its specially designed copper colored pots and pans that don’t only help optimize your food’s flavor, but also add a touch of sophisticated style to your kitchen.

More About the Copper Chef Brand

The Copper Chef brand was developed by none other than Eric Thiess. Having started cooking at the wee age of 6, Theiss was exposed early on to the many different concepts and practices of fine cuisine. In his young adult years, he went on to study under the instruction of Frank Falcinelli – one of the most prominent culinary artists in Italian cuisine.

Today, Eric Thiess is an established force to reckon with in the culinary industry. A few years into his career, he opened his own fine dining restaurant and started exploring the world of product development. This is how the Copper Chef was born.

This brand of pots and pans was developed for more than just having a reliable piece of cookware in your kitchen. The main idea behind Copper Chef is that you should be able to put together delicious, high quality meals without the struggle of slaving in the kitchen. More often than not, we have to pull out lots of different pots and pans just to cook one meal. But that Copper Chef eliminates that common hassle to allow you to cook with greater ease and speed.

The Copper Chef pots and pans feature a much larger size compared to other options on the market. Their superior heat distribution technology also guarantees that your ingredients will be evenly cooked all throughout – thanks to the Cerami-Tech 360 non-stick coating and a variety of other unique design concepts that the brand incorporates.

What Makes Copper Chef Special?

If you’re no stranger to the stove, you already know how easy it can be to damage a pan. This is the idea that fuelled the development of the Copper Chef line of cookware. Made with a unique 5 layer construction, the Copper Chef series of pots and pans are particularly resilient to wear and tear.

Each Copper Chef features this combination of five different layers:

  • Induction Base – The outermost layer, covering 80% of the Copper Chef’s bottom surface. This layer quickly heats up and retains temperature to get you started sooner.
  • Outside Layer – High temperature exterior layer of copper, makes sure that the heat introduced by the induction base is evenly distributed across the Copper Chef.
  • Aluminum Core – Ensures that all heat is trapped inside the Copper Chef, preventing temperature from escaping.
  • Base Layer – Features a non-stick coating that resilient against wear and tear, so you can enjoy problem-free cooking for many years to come.
  • Double Top Layer – Reinforces the non-stick coating, protecting it from scratches and dents. This also gives the Copper Chef its beautiful copper colored interior.

The combination of different layers guarantees that the Copper Chef will come out looking brand new even when subjected to intense heat. This unique build also distributes heat evenly across the surfaces, so you can be sure to get evenly cooked outcomes every time.

Combining both art and science, the Copper Chef line of cookware optimizes the cooking experience by giving you a tool that’s both efficient and stylish. But while you might be sold on the Copper Chef brand, there is another question you might want to ask. Which Copper Chef product is best for me? Yes, this premium line of cookware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and depending on your needs and preferences, some may satisfy you more than others.

Find out more about the different Copper Chef cookware products by checking out our comprehensive reviews here.

Reviews for The Copper Chef Cookware Products

Copper Chef XL Review

Whether you’re cooking for a big family or if you constantly find yourself preparing meals for parties, the Copper Chef XL should find the perfect place in your kitchen. This supersized Copper Chef casserole measures 11 inches, giving you 60% more cooking space for those big meal preparations.

This versatile casserole features the signature Copper Chef 5 layer construction, and promises to fulfil 6 different roles in your kitchen. Working as a rice cooker, wok, steamer, stock pot, baking dish, and roasting pan, this 6-in-1 casserole will surely find its purpose in your home on a variety of different cooking occasions.

With each purchase of the Copper Chef XL, you also get a tempered glass lid, a steam and roast rack, and a fry basket that gives the casserole even greater versatility. Finally, buyers can also enjoy reading through a variety of recipes that can easily be made with the Copper Chef XL with the free recipe book that comes with every purchase.

Pros of the Copper Chef XL

  • Supersized casserole at 11 inches makes it easy to prepare meals for families and parties.
  • Lots of bundled accessories give greater versatility and value for money.
  • 6-in-1 multifunctional use can replace a bunch of cookware and appliances in your kitchen.
  • Unique Copper Chef build guarantees long life, durability, and superior food quality.

Cons of the Copper Chef XL

  • Large size may not be practical for small households.
  • Difficult to store.

What Buyers Think

  • The Copper Chef XL makes it easy to prepare soups, pasta dishes, casseroles, and lots of other big meals in a single piece of cookware. This eliminates the tedious task of washing up several pots and pans after cooking.

Plus, with its beautiful copper exterior, it makes the perfect serving dish. So you can bring your Copper Chef XL straight from your stove to your table without worrying about presentation.

Copper Chef Square Fry Pan Reviews

Frying is probably the most common cooking method used in any household kitchen. So frying pans, as you would have guessed, take on most of the brunt of kitchen preparations. The Copper Chef Square Fry Pan takes on the herculean task of frying, and guarantees that you won’t have to replace your pan any time soon.

The Copper Chef Square Fry Pan is perfect for cooking a variety of meals – from stir fried rice, to pastas, and even roast chicken. Its extra deep sides and 9.5 inch diameter give it a whopping 4 liter capacity – far greater than any other pan on the market.

The pan’s handle and lid are also great features that make cooking both easier and safer. The riveted helper handle doesn’t conduct heat, so you can easily grip on to it and transfer your pan from stovetop to dinner table with utmost safety. The tempered glass lid keeps all the flavors and heat trapped inside the pan, giving you a clear view of your food at the same time.

When it all comes right down to it, the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan’s shape really takes the cake. The unique square shaped pan accommodates much more food and ingredients, making it much easier to fry more food at any given time compared to round pan counterparts.

Pros of the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan

  • Large capacity perfect for cooking greater amounts of food up to 4 liters.
  • Reinforced, riveted handle makes it possible to move the pan from stove to table with ease and safety.
  • Square shaped pan allows users to line up food to fry more. This cuts down cooking time by up to half.
  • Features the same superior Copper Chef 5 layer construction for optimal outcomes and durability.
  • Easier to store compared to round pans.

Cons of the Copper Chef Square Fry Pan

  • The tempered glass lid can steam up, causing users to lose sight of the food being cooked in the pan.
  • Poor cleaning can leave some food residue on the surface of the pan.

What Buyers Think

  • The Copper Chef Square Fry Pan is definitely a good value for money. It does what it says it does, and allows users to get evenly cooked results with each use.

The only problem with the Square Fry Pan is maintenance. If you expect to use it a lot, be sure to follow cleaning instructions to the last detail. This will help make sure you don’t damage your pan in the long run.

Copper Chef Round Pan

If you’re a fan of the traditional round pan shape, then the Copper Chef Round Pan is your best bet. This beautifully stylish pan features the same 5 layer construction as other Copper Chef products, making it a definite winner in terms of functionality and durability.

Aside from its shape, there’s very little that makes the Copper Chef Round Pan different from the Square Fry Pan variant. It comes equipped with a similar reinforced, riveted handle for easy transfers and the same non-stick cooking surface.

In terms of size, the Copper Chef Round Pan does mix it up a little. You can get the pan in either a 10 inch or 12 inch diameter, which can give you a little extra room for ingredients if you’re cooking for a family or for parties.

Finally, the round pan shape makes this pan the perfect choice for traditional cooks. The shape and structure of the pan add a touch of familiarity for users who want the old fashioned cooking experience, but still want a pan that goes above and beyond what’s usually available.

Pros of the Copper Chef Round Pan

  • Two different capacities to choose from, allowing buyers to select a pan that suits their needs and preferences.
  • Deep sides give greater versatility, making it easy to prepare soups and sauces in the same, multifunctional cookware piece.
  • Traditional round shape provides comfort and familiarity for users who want the traditional cooking experience.
  • Superior Copper Chef design guarantees years of problem-free use with utmost safety, ease, and food quality.

Cons of the Copper Chef Round Pan

  • Doesn’t come with a tempered glass lid.
  • Requires some care and maintenance compared to other Copper Chef products.

What Buyers Think

  • The Copper Chef Round Pan is an excellent frying pan for everyday use. The perfect size and shape make it an easy solution for daily meals.

The only problem that some users have encountered with the pan is that it does require a little more effort to clean. Leaving behind residue could cause food to stick to the pan during later uses.

Copper Chef Wok

Do you enjoy whipping up sauces, soups, pastas, and fried rice? The Copper Chef Wok is the perfect companion for you. This premium wok features an ultra-deep design, able to accommodate up to 6 quarts. This makes it ideal for stirring together different, bulky ingredients like rice and pasta.

The Copper Chef Wok replaces a lot of different kitchen cookware you might use, which means you can enjoy a clean and easy meal prep process without the need for multiple different pots and pans. Its Copper Chef signature 5 layer construction allows perfect heat distribution, eliminating hot spots, and enabling you to prepare delicious, perfectly cooked meals with every use.

Each Copper Chef Wok comes with a tempered glass lid, a roasting rack, a frying basket, and a Copper Chef recipe book filled with different kitchen creations you can try at home. This bundle of professionally designed and tested kitchen companions makes the ideal choice if you want to step up your cooking game, or if you simply want to cook with greater ease and speed.

Pros of the Copper Chef Wok

  • Superior capacity at 6 quarts, perfect for cooking big meals in one go.
  • Beautiful exterior makes it the ideal serving dish so you can transfer from stove to table top without switching containers.
  • Deep wok design prevents lots of common kitchen accidents like burns.
  • Even, 360 degree heating means perfectly cooked meals every time.

Cons of the Copper Chef Wok

  • A bit on the large side, so you may have a hard time finding a place for it in storage.

What Buyers Think

  • The Copper Chef Wok is the perfect kitchen companion if you find yourself having to prepare big meals for your family on a regular basis. The superior construction is both durable and efficient when it comes to distributing heat.

The addition of an extra riveted handle eliminates the need to grip tightly to just one handle, which makes the wok much easier and safer to work with than other options.

The only potential problem buyers might encounter with the wok is its size, which becomes an issue when it comes to storage.

The Copper Chef Set

For buyers who have fallen in love with the Copper Chef concept and really want an investment, the Copper Chef set is the ideal purchase. This 13 piece kitchen cookware set comes with all the bare essentials you’ll need to fully equip your kitchen with everything you need to prepare delicious meals in a snap.

The set includes a 9.5 inch 4.5 quart capacity square pan, a 9.5 inch shallow square fry pan, a 10 inch round pan, fry basket, roasting rack, 2 tempered glass lids, a recipe book, Titan peelers, and four Copper Chef cooking utensils.

The variety of cookware in the set makes it the perfect bundle if you want to replace all the different pots and pans in your kitchen with just what you actually use. The deep square pan is perfect for soups, sauces, and pastas, while the shallow square pan makes the ideal frying companion.

The round pan is a traditional essential that you can use for solo meals, or for roasting whole chicken and slabs of beef.

Some other inclusions are four different cooking utensils, namely a spatula, a slotted straining spoon, a pasta spoon, and a large soup spoon. These are all basics that are necessary for creating a variety of different meals in your very own kitchen.

Featuring the same Copper Chef build and construction as the previously mentioned Copper Chef products, this Copper Chef As-Seen-on-TV Cookware set is ideal if you want a reliable bundle of cooking essentials that won’t only improve the quality of your food, but will also guarantee a long, problem-free lifespan.

Pros of the Copper Chef Set

  • Comprehensive set with everything you need in your kitchen – get rid of all that other stuff that’s cramping up your counter and storage space!
  • Top notch quality as seen with other Copper Chef products, so you can cook with greater ease and speed.
  • Complete with cooking utensils, lids, a recipe book, and lids so you won’t have to spend extra on other parts and accessories.
  • Sophisticated, classy, and presentable design means you can keep your Copper Chef set on display in your kitchen without worrying about aesthetic. They also make ideal serving dishes.

Cons of the Copper Chef Set

  • The utensils may not last as long as the pans, especially when used on a daily basis.

What Buyers Think

  • The Copper Chef Set is a premium bundle that can really replace all of the cookware in your kitchen. It may even be used to replace appliances like rice cookers and steamers. The superior build and quality give it greater durability, and also make it a sound investment if you want a set that you can use for many years to come.

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

While the Copper Chef line of cookware can be used on a variety of different cooktops and ranges, the brand has come up with its own cooktop – designed specifically for the Copper Chef cookware line. This high quality cooktop features precision temperature controls, allowing you to adjust your heat by as little as 10 degree increments for optimal outcomes.

If you’re not too keen on manual adjustments, the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop also comes with 5 different presets, from keep warm to sear so you can easily get things cooking with minimal effort and calibration.

When it comes to heating, the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop delivers. Unlike other cooktops that tend to have unevenly distributed heat and hot spots, this cooktop boasts a perfectly even heat transfer with every use. This – in combination with the Copper Chef line of cookware products – makes it an ideal choice if you really want to get the best out of each meal.

If you don’t have any of the Copper Chef products, don’t sweat it. The Copper Chef Cooktop can also be used with any other standard pots and pans. This allows it to improve the precision of whatever cookware items you might have.

Pros of the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

  • Easy controls make it simple to operate, thus speeding up the time it takes to prepare a meal.
  • Even heating across the entire surface so you can be sure to cook perfect meals every time.
  • Highly customizable heat settings allow users to adjust temperatures by as little as 10 degrees.
  • 5 unique presets start the cooktop at selected heat settings to achieve different kinds of cooking styles and methods with minimal effort.
  • Seamless, compact design allows users to place the cooktop anywhere in their kitchen without disrupting aesthetic or losing too much counter space.

Cons of the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

  • A little pricier compared to other induction cooktops in the same segment.

What Buyers Think

  • The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is a great choice for those with smaller kitchens, or for people who want to be able to use as little space as possible. Easy controls and a seamless interface make the device a breeze to use, and thus eliminate the lengthy process of cooking. In combination with the Copper Chef Cookware line up, this cooktop can definitely help improve the quality of your meals and speed up the time it takes to prepare them.

Red Copper vs Copper Chef

Red Copper Red Copper Pan is another brand of revolutionary cookware that promises to improve your cooking and eating experience. Spearheaded by Cathy Mitchell – a reputable author and TV presenter – the Red Copper line of cookware is a close competitor of the Copper Chef. But does it really come to par?

There are 3 differences between the two brands – the material type, the heat resistance, and their functionality. The Copper Chef has a heat resistance of up to 850 degrees, compared to the Red Copper’s 500 degree capacity.

The brands also feature a major difference with material and construction. The Copper Chef makes use of ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass, while the Red Copper Pan uses ceramic in combination with a tough copper infusion.

Finally, the Red Copper features a completely different functionality compared to Copper Chef. Many of the Red Copper Pans can flambé, broil, shallow fry, stir fry, and whip ingredients together. The Copper Chef cookware products on the other hand are mostly intended for roasting, baking, deep frying, steaming, and stir frying.

Which one is for you? It all boils down to what you really need. If you want a top notch piece of cookware that can accommodate large amounts of ingredients at high temperatures, the Copper Chef can be a great pick.

If you want a reliable piece however that offers a unique range of functions uncommon to most pots and pans, the Red Copper Pan brand might be a good choice.

Gotham Steel vs Copper Chef

Gotham Steel – There’s one other brand on the market that comes close to the Copper Chef, and it’s the Gotham Steel brand of cookware. These non-stick, titanium and ceramic pans were developed by Daniel Green – another prominent culinary artist with a long reputation of success in the industry.

The Gotham Steel pans, compared with the Copper Chef, reveal the same differences as the Red Copper brand. Those are the material, the heat capacity, and the functionality.

When it comes to material, the Gotham Steel pans make use of ceramic, titanium, and stainless steel. This combination of materials allows the pans to easily and quickly cook food with optimal heat, without leaving any of the ingredients sticking to the surface of the pan.

Heat capacity for the Gotham Steel pans are at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is an industry standard when compared with the Red Copper pans. However, with the Copper Chef able to withstand up to 850 degrees of heat, both the other brands are left in the dust if you’re looking for a durable, robust design.

Finally, the Gotham Steel cookware line up also features a unique line up of functions and uses. Unlike the Copper Chef that’s ideal for baking, roasting, steaming, stir and deep frying, the Gotham Steel is designed for flambé, searing, and grilling.

Which one is for you? Again, it all depends on how you want to be able to use your cookware. While both of these options are great choices when it comes to kitchen staple methods like boiling and frying, they do have a range of other functions that should allow you to explore more recipes.

Another thing to consider is the capacity. The Copper Chef cookware line up is made with volume in mind, eliminating the need for you to use multiple pots and pans during meal preparation. Because the Gotham Steel pans may not be able to accommodate as much ingredients, they’re better suited to buyers who don’t expect to cook for large families or for parties very often.

Copper Chef Pan Reviews – Conclusion

When it all comes down to it, the Copper Chef line of pots and pans are a premier product that’s guaranteed to step up the way you get things done in the kitchen. Offering superior efficiency when it comes to heat distribution, and eliminating the need for other appliances and cookware, these pots and pans are the ideal choice if you want to make your kitchen life easier.

The superb 5 layer construction isn’t like anything that’s ever been seen in the industry. This makes the Copper Chef cookware products durable and long lasting, compared to other flimsy, easily breakable pans on the market. The non-stick surface is reinforced with a double top layer that prevents scratches and dents, to make sure you can enjoy hassle-free cooking and clean up for many years to come.

Finally, the Copper Chef is affordable. With all the amazing features and functionality that the brand offers, you can definitely get the best value for your money with this cookware brand. Plus, each purchase almost always comes bundled with a variety of freebies, so you can get the most multifunctionality out of your purchase without spending more on other accessories and parts.

So, if you want a premium cookware option that really maximizes the money you spend, consider investing in the Copper Chef brand. With superior size, functionality, and efficiency, these pots and pans can eliminate the need for most other cookware and appliances in your kitchen, allowing you to cook with greater speed and ease. Plus, with the revolutionary design that each one features, you can be sure to get high quality, professional grade outcomes every time you slave over that hot stove.