This is a blog about preparing tasty, healthy, and easy food with a powerful blender.

I was exposed to the world of high-performance blenders early. My dad got a Vitamix when I was a kid and he used it often to make breakfasts of “total juice” smoothies and pancakes or waffles with freshly ground whole grains. In 2005 he gave me my own Vitamix. Since then I’ve enjoyed using it to make smoothies, fresh flour, hummus, and much more.

I was inspired to start momsblender.com after describing recipe ideas to family and friends, and I started thinking it would be nice to have a reference to point to. I hope this blog inspires and motivates all of us to try new blender ideas. I hope you enjoy the blog, and if you have any comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me directly.

I favor Vitamix blenders, but I’ve also used Blendtec blenders with good results. Some of the recipes on this site will work with run-of-the mill blenders, but I can’t necessarily vouch for the results.