Copper Chef Pan Reviews 2020 – Buyers Guide


Copper Chef Review: Versatile, efficient and convenient cooking aid

Copper Chef Series of non-stick cookware is marketed by the reputed Fushion Life Brands. Popular products such as Fusion juicer and Fusion Xcelerator are also part of Fusion Life Brands, which is a part of the acclaimed ASOTV Company, Tristar Products. Ranking a close second to Telebrands in the ASOTV market, Tristar has some very popular products such as Power Pressure Cooker XL, Copper Wear, Clear TV, Perfecter Fusion Styler and many others. The company has gained good credibility in the segment with its top quality routine use products. Copper Chef Pans are part of the product lineup at Fusion Life Brands.

Copper Chef Pan is a cookware made of high quality copper for added durability. The revolutionary cookware boasts of replacing the function of six pans with its multipurpose cooking design and the makers promise that the pan can cut down the cooking time to half. The 100% authentic copper infused pans conduct heat quickly ensuring cooking is done fast, while the non-stick coating ensures a hassle free cooking and clean up. With safe and approved materials used in the construction of the pan the product is ideal for use in homes.

Feature highlights of Copper Chef pans

Here are a few important and impressive features that make copper chef pans an ideal cookware to buy for any kitchen.

Multipurpose Cookware

Copper Chef Cookware is capable of performing a diverse range of cooking replacing six pans in the kitchen easily. The cookware is designed in such a way that it can function as a skillet, wok, baking dish, steamer, rice cooker and roasting pot. Thus you can steer clear of clutter by getting rid of the unwanted pots and pans and have a hassle free cooking time with the Eric Theiss endorsed Copper Chef nonstick no clean up 6 in 1 pans.

High quality material

Copper Chef Pans have copper infused ceramic coating that can withstand high temperature of about 850 degrees. The premium quality material and innovative design enables use of the copper chef pans in a stove, oven or induction top easily.

Easy clean non-stick surface

The cerami-tech feature in Copper Chef remains its most attractive feature as the ceramic added is a new generation healthy toxin free ceramic. With the nontoxic, nonstick coating it is easy to clean the pan.

Fast cooking

With copper infused in the pan, heat is spread out evenly resulting in the food getting cooked in half the time it takes to cook normally. The even coating eliminates any isolated hot spots that can make cooking a frustrating job.

Safe cooking

The induction plate made of stainless steel attached to the pan’s bottom surface helps you to use the pan on different types of heat surfaces including induction, ceramic, gas, electric and oven without having to worry about the coating being damaged. The nonstick Cerami Tech system incorporated in the pan lets you cook without use of oil, butter or grease making your food healthier.  Unlike other cheaper non-stick pans available in the market, the pan is free of PTFE and PFOA, so you can cook food without worrying about the coating causing toxic effects.  The cookware is also completely dishwasher safe.

Outstanding Copper Chef features

Here are some of the impressive features of the pan

  • Construction of pan includes five protective layers for efficient cooking
  • Riveted handles
  • 60 day warranty
  • Safe for dishwasher use
  • Package includes recipe book with 25 recipes
  • Hollowed handles that cool faster than other parts of the pan

Manufacturer information

The product is manufactured and assembled in China and is marketed by Tristar Products. Any queries or complaints regarding the product can be addressed by calling Tristar’s customer support at 973-287-5184.

The Copper Chef products are available in various different models such as

  1. Copper Chef XL
  2. Copper chef Square Fry Pan/Copper Chef Square Pan
  3. Copper chef round pan/copper chef pan/copper chef pan/copper chef 360
  4. Copper Chef Portable Induction Burner/Copper Chef Induction Cooktop
  5. Copper Chef Wok
  6. Copper chef sets/copper chef set/copper chef pan set
  7. Copper Chef pro

Let us see each one of the above Copper Chef products in detail including their features, pros and cons and their feasibility as a quality, efficient and affordable cooking aids.


  1. Copper Chef XL

Copper Chef XL is available as a cookware set of 5 pieces that help perform multiple functions simultaneously. Multipurpose cookware reduces your work in the kitchen, saves you time and effort and most importantly makes cooking less of a chore. You will not have to run back and forth searching for the right cookware, as Copper Chef XL can function in a multitude of ways.

The Copper Chef XL set product package includes 5 distinct and very useful pieces that include

  • 11 inch square shaped fry pan
  • Deep square shaped pan of 11 inches
  • Fry basket for deep frying dishes
  • Steam rack for steaming vegetables
  • Lid made of tempered glass
  • A cookbook with recipes that can be made from the different pieces of cookware provided.

Versatile cookware set

The Copper Chef XL set is perfect for doing different types of cooking. It serves as a baking, casserole and chafing dish. You can use it for deep frying, as a pasta pot or even as rice cooker. It also functions as electric cooker. The pan enables easy roasting and helps to sauté foods. Other functions include steamer, wok, stock pot, slow cooker and stove pot.

Finding the cookware for each and every cooking function mentioned above is a tedious job and even further difficult is finding space for storing such a long list of cookware. Since the single pan is capable of cooking almost all types of dishes, you will not need to invest on replacing any of your existing pots and pans. With Copper Chef XL, you can relax and have a great time cooking with your favorite utensil.

Easy to use

The riveted handles make it easier to use the pans and further the hollowed handles allow faster cooling ensuring you don’t burn your hands, while cooking or lifting the pan.  And while cooking meals that require using both stove and oven, the Copper Chef with its oven safe feature can be used easily saving time and effort needed for finding another cookware that is oven safe.

Cleaning convenience

The non-stick coating is of the latest cerami-tech technology providing an easy and effortless cleaning capability. Since it is dishwasher safe, you can also clean the pans in your dishwasher. However, if you want to safeguard the non-stick coating, it is best to use a mild dish soap to clean it beforehand.

Good heat conduction

The heat conduction in the pan is very even, so it gets heated quickly and also evenly. This allows food to be cooked well, instead of getting burnt due to random hot spots.

Why you should consider Copper Chef XL

ü  The package consist of 5 pieces with each piece being very useful for different types of cooking

ü  Very versatile cooking set

ü  Large size helps cooking greater quantity of food

ü  Price is very good for a set of 5 pieces

Why you should not consider Copper Chef XL

û  The extra-large size needs an equally suitable induction cooktop

û  Needs additional care when you are using a dishwasher to clean the cookware


  1. Copper chef Square Fry Pan/Copper Chef Square Pan

Copper Chef square pan for frying is designed especially to improve the cooking space. Although round pans are commonly used in cooking, the square design helps to accommodate more food due to the additional space available.

Copper Chef square pan can provide nearly 25% additional cooking space. Moreover its innovative cerami-tech feature enables it to replace as many pans as possible in your cooking including roasting, baking and frying pans and even your rice cooker or stock pot.

The pan is available with or without lid. The pan dimensions include 1.6 inches x 9.5 inches x 8.6 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds.

Efficient cooking

Cerami-Tech feature in the Copper Chef pan ensures a top quality non-stick covering that prevents food from sticking to the pan even without grease, butter or oil to help. Thus the dishes that need more oil for cooking can be done with less or no oil and the even heating helps in cooking faster, making your cooking healthier and nutritious.

Induction with Stainless steel

The Copper Chef pan has stainless steel channels for better induction. The induction plate on the bottom of the pan ensures the square pan gets evenly heated on all corners. While normal square pans are not usually used on stove tops due to uneven heating, the induction feature in the square pan ensures Copper Chef can be used effectively. The pan is made of heat resistant material, so you can heat it up to a high degree of 850 degrees without worrying about damaging the pan.

Advantages of using Copper Chef square pan

ü  Nonstick coating with Cerami-tech feature

ü  Induction plate with stainless steel

ü  Easy to clean nonstick surface

ü  Can cook efficiently even on low heat

ü  Safe for use in dishwasher

Disadvantages of using Copper Chef Square pan

û  The nonstick coating wears off after some time making food stick to it

û  Lid provided with the pan is of low quality

û  The color on the exterior surface of the pan fades away quickly

û  Is scratched easily

û  The pan is not sufficiently deep

Although initially the nonstick feature is very good, the coating wears off with time. To prevent peeling or scratching of the ceramic coating, it is best to use low heat and avoid using metal utensils in the pan. Since lid is not as good as expected, you can also buy the square pan from Copper Chef without the lid which is considerably cheaper.

  1. Copper chef 360 round pan

Copper Chef round 360 nonstick pan is designed with the same Cerami-tech coating as the other pans in the Copper Chef series. The round pan is available in 10 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches. If you are very particular about the amount of fat you include in your cooking, whether it is in the form of butter or oil, the Copper Chef pan is an ideal solution. You can cook without butter or oil and at the same time retain the nutritious flavor of the food too. The induction plate made of stainless steel attached to the pan bottom ensures heat spreads evenly in the pan ensuring faster cooking.

Here are some of the outstanding features of the round Copper Chef nonstick pan

  • Features Cerami-tech coating that ensures food does not stick to the surface while cooking.
  • The copper infused ceramic coating ensures the pan can withstand a high temperature of nearly 850 degrees easily
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has riveted handles for easy cooking in ovens with high temperature
  • Light in weight model for easy handling
  • Induction plate with stainless steel handles for even and rapid heat distribution

The round pan in addition to being available in different sizes is also sold as pan with lid or without it. If you already possess a lid and do not need a new one, the pan alone would suffice. And this is cheaper than the pan with lid too. The two pan Copper chef model is also available, which is cheaper when compared to buying the two pans individually.

Although the nonstick feature works great initially, the coating tends to lose its efficacy in a few weeks. Food sticks to the pan and is very difficult to remove.

Why you should consider the round 360 Copper Chef pan

ü  Pan heats up evenly without any isolated hot spots and is quicker too

ü  Is very light in weight

ü  The size is sufficient for cooking

ü  Lid is of good quality

Why you should not buy round 10 inch 360 Copper Chef Pan

û  Is very difficult to clean

û  Food sticks to the pan after using it for some time

û  Heating the pan takes considerable time

û  Metal utensils cannot be used

û  Bottom surface is not flat


  1. Copper Chef Portable Induction Burner

A portable cooking system comes in handy in many ways. You can use it any room in your home, office or anywhere else. The Copper Chef Portable Induction Burner is one such system that can be used with induction pans effectively. The 1,300 W induction stove features excellent cooking flexibility with its temperature preset features. The auto-shutoff and timer feature help to simplify operation.

Electromagnetic induction

The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop functions via its electromagnetic field that conducts current to the cookware, while the burner remains cool the entire time. Only cookware with magnetic properties works with the induction stove. Induction plate made of stainless steel attached to bottom of the pan with magnetic properties ensures it works with the induction stove.

Here are the important feature highlights of the portable Copper Chef induction cooktop:

  • Five different preset options for temperature in Fahrenheit : 175(warm), 100 (Low), 275(medium), 425(high), sear(500)
  • Digital display
  • Timer up to 150-minute setting
  • Temperature adjustment can be done manually at 10 degrees
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Ceramic cooktop
  • Weighs 5 pounds and has an electric cord of 48 inches
  • Has a dimension of 13.5 inches in length, 3 inches in depth and 15 inches in height
  • Helps to steam, grill, fry, sauté, simmer and boil
  • Can be used on boats, RVs, tailgating, apartments and in dorms
  • Has a large frying pan that is oven safe sufficient enough to cook large meals without any oil or fat.
  • Frying pan has cerami-tech nonstick coating for health cooking and easy cleanup
  • Can be used with inductions pans of sizes ranging from 8inches to 12 inches
  • 60 days limited warranty offered by manufacturer
  • Has air vents in the rear side and bottom


The controls in the induction include

  • Power on and off button to start or stop the cooking cycle
  • Temperature increase and decrease button
  • Low button that set temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium button that sets temperature at 275 degrees Fahrenheit
  • High button that sets temperature at 425 degrees Fahrenheit
  • LED display to indicate temperature, time and Off functions
  • Sear button enables continuous temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the display will indicate SEAR

Induction surface

The surface is made of heat resistant and durable ceramic glass. The cooktop surface that contacts the cooking pan turns hot, so you should avoid touching it until it cools down.

Heating element

There is just one heating element with an uninterrupted surface, so there are no dirt traps or knobs to clean. Controls are touch sensitive

Safety features

The stove does not feature any open flame, radiant heat source or heating coil that form a source for igniting flammable materials or fumes. Thus the stovetop prevents kitchen fires and burns.

The inbuilt timer feature and automatic shutoff ensures energy is not wasted. Once you remove pan from induction surface, the system enters Standby mode saving energy.

Pros of Copper Chef Induction cooktop

ü  No flame involved,  which makes it safe to use in presence of flammable materials and there is minimal risk of fire and burns

ü  Automatic shut off feature and timer help save energy

ü  Is easy to clean as it does not have any dirt traps or knobs to clean

ü  Timer and preset temperatures help to cook foods quickly and efficiently

ü  All copper chef pans work with the cooktop


Cons of Copper Chef Induction cooktop

û  Only special vessels that are compatible with the induction cooktop can be used such as pots with iron or ferrous composition, stainless steel, cast iron, enamel ware etc.

û  Pans made of aluminum, ceramic, glass or copper will not work on the cooktop

û  Scratches can occur, if you are not careful while removing or placing cookware


  1. Copper Chef Wok

Copper Chef Wok is a family sized cookware with a capacity of six quart. The wok has the same five layer construction as other Copper Chef pans and has induction plate made of stainless steel at its bottom. It can be used for roasting, steaming, baking, frying and even to sauté foods of quantities that are twice as large as the regular pans and the cooking is quicker too.

Features include

  • Induction plate that delivers even and quick heating without any hot spots even on the sides.
  • Works in induction, gas, ceramic and electric stovetops and in oven too
  • Has nonstick coating infused with Cerami-Tech feature
  • Is free of PFOA and PTFE.
  • Can withstand temperature up to a maximum of 850 degrees
  • The ceramic nonstick surface enables cooking without grease, butter or oil
  • Is safe to cleanup in the dishwasher
  • Order includes 10 inch induction cooktop with five presets for cooking, temperature controls, time adjusting feature and LED digital display
  • Accessories provided with the induction cooktop include fry basket, steam rack, recipe book and glass lid
  • Has a one year warranty for any cracks, blisters, peels or chips and a refund policy of 60 days exclusive of the shipping and handling charges

Advantages of Copper Chef wok

ü  Can withstand high temperatures of up to about 850 degrees

ü  Nonstick coating is free of PFOA and PTFE

ü  Induction cooktop provided with the wok helps to spread heat evenly and cook food faster

ü  Can be used on induction as well as traditional heating sources

ü  60 days money back warranty

ü  Price is competitive

Disadvantages of Copper Chef wok

û  Nonstick covering does not last for long. Scratches form after some time allowing food to stick to the surface making it difficult to clean.

û  Heating is not as fast with meat, vegetables and other foods as it is with water.

û  Customer service is not good

û  Shipping times are long


  1. Copper chef pan set

Copper Chef Set of 5 pieces includes a square pan of 9.5 inches with a lid made of tempered glass, roast rack, fry basket and a recipe book. The different pieces provided help as baking dish, stock pot, steamer, rice cooker and roasting pan.

Let us see the important features of the Copper Chef set:

5 layered design

The square Copper Chef pan is constructed of 5 layers that include an outer coating of PTFE and PFOA free double polished ceramic, a core made of aluminum, base made of ceramic nonstick, induction base made of stainless steel and an exterior high temperature resistant coating.

Heat efficient

The five layers of the pan make it highly heat sensitive.  The pan heats up food on a low heat setting too, due to rapid and even heat distribution.

Healthy and safe food

The PFOA and PTFE free cerami-tech coating enables you to do cooking in an easy, fast and simple way. The nonstick covering helps to limit the butter or oil you add while the quick and even heating retains nutritive value of the food resulting in healthy meals all the time.

Good quality

All pieces of the set are durable and aesthetic to look at. The durable ceramic layer and induction base made of stainless steel are important features that make this product stand apart from the other competitive products.

Advantages of owning Copper Chef set

ü  You get to have an entire set of pans and accessories that cater to all your cooking needs

ü  Exterior made of ceramic is very good

ü  Induction base of stainless steel is of good quality

ü  Cleanup is easy

Disadvantages of owning Copper chef pan set

û  Not everyone needs the entire set

û  The pan and other products of the set are smaller than anticipated

û  Nonstick coating does not stay intact for a long time


  1. Copper Chef pro

The Copper Chef Pro is an 8-piece set of heavy duty pans that are ideal for meeting with all your essential cooking needs.  The heavy gauge nonstick pans can be used on all types of cooktops and can be used in an oven up to a temperature of 850 degrees Fahrenheit

Features and specifications

  • Pans are constructed with heavy gauge, pressed aluminum of 3 mm
  • Can be used on ceramic, induction, gas and electric cooktops
  • Pans can be easily moved from oven to stovetop to dining table
  • Nonstick coating prevents food from sticking to pan
  • Pans in the Chef Pro set replace rice cooker, stock pot, frying pan, and baking pan, roasting pan and wok easily without adding any grease, oil or butter
  • Cerami tech coating is free of PTFE and PFOA
  • The pans have riveted handles that are oven safe, durable and strong
  • It is heat resistant up to 850 degrees
  • The induction plate of stainless steel helps in fast and even distribution of heat

The Copper Chef Pro package includes

  • Square pan of 11 inches with lid made of tempered glass
  • Chicken fry pan of 12 inches with lid made of tempered glass
  • Dutch oven of 10 inches with lid made of tempered glass and fry basket
  • Cookbook

The 11 inch pan is square shaped enabling cooking 25% more quantity of food. The 12 inch pan for frying chicken can also be used for searing. The straight walls help avoid splatter. The Dutch oven has a capacity of 4 quart and can be used as wok, stock pot and rice cooker and you can bake, roast and fry easily.

Pros of Copper Chef Pro

ü  All pieces can be used on stovetops and in oven so are capable of helping in different types of cooking like steaming, braising, broiling and baking.

ü  Nonstick coating avoids dealing with gunky food mess whenever you cook. Dishwasher safe feature helps in easy cleanup

ü  Recipe book helps in cooking a variety of dishes.

Cons of Copper Chef Pro

û  Nonstick surface gets scratched in a few weeks of use

û  Food sticks to the pan, in spite of the nonstick coating

Customer reviews

Copper Chef Pans have received generally good reviews from users who liked the nonstick coating and aesthetic design very much.

The multipurpose cooking pan and induction top are other features that users find very effective.

The induction top helped to cook quick meals. Its portability, easy cleanup and convenience are other points that users found very satisfying.

However the product has also received some negative feedback due to its low quality nonstick surface which scratches easily after some time.

The noise from the induction is also very disturbing.  The metal steamer tray can cause scratches on the nonstick surface when used on it.

Although the manufacturer recommends using metal utensils, the easy to scratch surface makes it necessary to handle the pan with care.

  1. Comparisons:
  2. Copper Chef vs Red Copper
  3. Gotham Steel vs Copper Chef

Now that you know about the various Copper Chef products available, here is a comparison of Copper Chef with two other competitor products namely Red Copper and Gotham Steel.

  1. Copper Chef vs Red Copper

About Red Copper Pan

Red Copper Pan is a ceramic pan infused with copper. The highly durable nonstick pan is super strong but light in weight and delivers amazing results.


Red copper pan: Has nonstick ceramic infused with copper to ensure healthy meal preparation without grease, butter or oil. It can be used on a stovetop or oven to cook delicious meals quickly and healthily. The pan can withstand heat up to a temperature of 500 degrees

Copper chef: The square pan with added depth has cerami tech feature with copper infused covering. The pan can withstand heat up to a temperature of 800 degrees. It helps to cook healthy oil/butter/grease free meals.


Red Copper: Tough quality ceramic of nonstick type with copper

Copper Chef: Has a 5 layer design including dual ceramic coating, nonstick ceramic base layer, outer heat resistant layer, core aluminum layer, and induction base of stainless steel

Nonstick feature:

Red copper and Copper Chef have a nonstick covering that is free of PTFE and PFOA making them safe for use.


Red Copper: Has a tough and sturdy handle

Copper Chef: Hollowed handle is cooler when compared to handles made of solid core, which get too hot while heating in a stove or oven.

Which product is better?

Copper Chef, which is a 6 in 1 multipurpose pan that replaces your frying pan, baking dish, rice cooker, roasting pan, wok, and stock pot, is much better than Red Copper. Further, it can withstand heat of a higher temperature of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit, while Red Copper withstands up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit only. Although Red Copper has features like sturdy handle and wider surface for cooking Copper Chef is the better of the two.

  1. Gotham Steel vs. Copper Chef

Gotham steel pan is nonstick ceramic pan infused with Titanium. The pan has high heat resistance enabling flambé recipes without causing any damage to the pan.  The coating of nonstick helps to cook and clean without any damage to the coating.


Copper Chef: Ceramic, tempered glass and stainless steel

Gotham Steel: Ceramic, stainless steel and titanium


Copper Chef: It has nonstick cerami tech coating, which does not contain harmful chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE.

Gotham Steel: The surface is made of titanium and nonstick ceramic hence can withstand even direct fire.

Heat resistance:

Copper Chef: It can withstand heat to a maximum of 850 degrees

Gotham Steel: It can withstand heat to a maximum of 500 degrees


Copper Chef: Riveted handle that is oven and high temperature safe

Gotham Steel: Cool to touch sturdy stainless steel hand

Which product is better?

Although both the products have similar PFOA and PTFE free ceramic coating and are oven safe, Copper Chef with its five layered design, high heat resistance, nonstick cerami tech feature and riveted handles is a better product than Gotham Steel pan.

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