Gotham Steel Pan Reviews 2020 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Gotham Steel Reviews

A cook is only as good as his arsenal. So with a shabby set of pots and pans, don’t expect to create anything too extravagant. The truth behind cooking is that while a great chef can probably whip up scrumptious meals out of plain ingredients, there are lots of factors that could dampen the results. The one with the greatest impact? Cookware.

There are lots of cookware brands on the market, all fighting for the attention and patronage of buyers who only want the best for their homes and kitchens. These days, one of the best brands for cookware is Gotham Steel. Featuring a complete line of the best cookware products on the market, Gotham Steel has cemented itself as one of the top choices for people who want nothing short of the most efficient cookware on the market.

What exactly is it about Gotham Steel that puts it a cut above the rest? We’ve put together a comprehensive product review and comparison to help you understand just why Gotham Steel is such a steal.

More About the Gotham Steel Brand

Daniel Green is a celebrated chef, TV personality, and an award winning author who’s best known for his work as the Healthy Eating Expert. While he has been successful with all he has done, his career took a major turn for the better when he started the Gotham Steel brand.

Of course, we all love cooking and getting creative in the kitchen. But burnt pans with stubborn stains and soot can be very tedious to clean up after. The thing about cookware however is that to guarantee their efficiency in the kitchen, we don’t have a choice but to make sure we scrub them well enough without damaging the material.

This premium line of cookware was established with the purpose of easing the care and maintenance that goes into making sure our pots and pans are kept in peak condition throughout the years. With its unique design and ultra durable materials, the pans cook top quality meals without burdening you to clean residue off of them.

Gotham Steel takes pride in its non-stick technology which places it a cut above the other options available on the market. Each pan and pot is sold with the promise that you won’t ever have to worry about scraping food off of their surfaces – no matter how hot the stove gets or how sticky your ingredients might be.

What Sets Gotham Steel Apart?

Of course, lots of other pots and pans are made with non-stick technology. So what is it about the Gotham Steel brand of cookware that truly sets it apart from other, more affordable options available?

The difference lies in the durability of the non-stick techonology. Most other pans are coated – meaning the cooking surface of the pan won’t stick to food or ingredients. But if that coating – more commonly referred to as Teflon – were damaged or chipped, you expose the layer underneath, thus reducing your pan’s ability to resist sticking to your food every time you cook.

With Gotham Steel, the pan itself is non-stick. There isn’t just a layer, the material used for the body of the pan is the non-stick surface. This means you won’t have to worry about bruising, scratching, or damaging the surface because there’s no layer to chip off.

With that, you can use virtually any cooking utensil on your Gotham Steel pots and pans without a worry. The pans can withstand being scraped against by forks, knives, and other metal cooking materials that you would otherwise avoid like the plague if you were using any other type of cookware.

Now, much like any other brand of cookware, Gotham Steel has come out with quite a number of different options to suit the needs of every kitchen cook. So whether you’re an at-home chef looking for a way to step up the meals for your family, or if you’re a budding professional hoping to improve at your craft, Gotham Steel is sure to have the right cookware for your needs.

The only question now is – which Gotham Steel piece of cookware truly suits your preferences? Find out with our comprehensive Gotham Steel cookware reviews here.

The Gotham Steel Line of Cookware Reviewed

  1. Gotham Steel Frying Pan

What’s a kitchen without a frying pan? Anyone would agree that the ultimate essential that any kitchen needs is a frying pan. Allowing users to achieve a wide variety of different cooking styles and methods, a standard frying pan is something your kitchen should never be without.

More often than not though, frying pans aren’t made to withstand the onslaught of constant, frequent use, which is why lots of people find themselves tossing out their frying pans sooner than they prefer.

The Gotham Steel Frying Pan is one of the best in the business, promising to last several years of long, easy, and problem-free use no matter how often you might subject it to wear and tear.

The pan features a 9.5 inch diameter, making it the perfect size for a variety of meals and ingredients. It’s neither too big that it becomes difficult to handle and store, nor too small that it can’t accommodate enough ingredients at any single time. The uniquely designed handle doesn’t conduct heat, so you can comfortably hold on to the pan without worrying about burning your hand or losing your grip.

The superior Ti-Cerama cooking surface is particularly resistant to scratches and damages, making it the best pan of choice if you often find yourself frying up meals in your home.

Users can cook up a variety of recipes on the Gotham Steel Frying Pan without even stopping to think about the right utensils to use. Conveniently beat eggs with a fork or whisk in the pan itself, pick up steaks and hotcakes with metal spatulas minus the worry, and use virtually any kitchen utensil you might want to use without thinking about any damage to your pan.

Pros of the Gotham Steel Frying Pan

  • Optimal size makes it easy to handle and easy to store.
  • Unique, riveted handle doesn’t conduct heat, allowing users to handle the pan without fear of burns.
  • Ti-Cerama cooking surface combines titanium and ceramic materials to prevent damage to the non-stick surface.
  • Durable and reliable, users can expect to enjoy years of long, problem-free use even with the onslaught of daily wear and tear.

Cons of the Gotham Steel Frying Pan

  • Doesn’t come with a lid.
  • Isn’t compatible with induction cookers.

What Buyers Think

  • The pan does what it says when it comes to letting ingredients slide off seamlessly. It can also sustain much higher temperatures than other pans on the market, so you can prepare healthier meals with minimal oil.

The only real downside to the Gotham Steel Frying Pan is aesthetics. While the Ti-Cerama surface promises long lasting and durable non-stick functionality, it can sustain some scratches during use which can take away from the appearance of the pan.

  1. Gotham Steel Square Pan

Considered one of the most multifunctional Gotham Steel cookware pieces on the market, the Gotham Steel Square Pan can easily replace countless cookware pieces and even several kitchen appliances in your home. While all the Gotham Steel pots and pans were developed by Daniel Green, this particular piece of cookware was designed with the help of another renowned chef – Josh Capon.

The pan boasts an ultra deep design, allowing it to accommodate much more ingredients than any other pan on the market. The design also allows users to whip up delicious soups, sauces, roasts, stir fry, and pastas in the pan with much greater ease. This means you can create 5 star meals with just the Gotham Steel Square Pan – eliminating the need to use several different pieces of cookware for a single meal.

If that hasn’t got you convinced yet, there’s another great reason to invest in the Gotham Steel Square Pan. This state of the art piece of cookware can be used to bake brownies, cakes, and a variety of other pastries without worrying about the batter sticking to and burning the surface of the pan. So if you’ve got a penchant for baked goodies, this pan is definitely a worthy investment.

Pros of the Gotham Steel Square Pan

  • Dimensions make it a large, multifunctional, extra capacity piece of cookware, perfect for cooking for families or parties.
  • The pan can replace several appliances in your kitchen including a steamer, rice cooker, and warmer to name a few.
  • Superior non-stick technology allows you to bake pastries and cakes with the pan sans the fear of ruining the cooking surface.
  • Comes bundled with a steamer tray, mesh frying basket, and tempered glass lid.

Cons of the Gotham Steel Square Pan

  • Its large size makes it difficult to store.

What Buyers Think

  • The Gotham Steel Square Pan is multifunctional, efficient and easy to clean. The design makes it easy to create a variety of different meals without having to pull out any other pieces of cookware or appliances, thus speeding up the clean-up process as well.

While it does come in a rather hefty size, the Gotham Steel Square Pan can easily replace other items in your kitchen. So storage won’t be a hassle if you have just this and a few other essentials.

  1. Gotham Steel XL

Looking for a piece of cookware you can use for those parties you love throwing so much? Or are you in the market for a supersized pot that you can use when cooking your family’s favorite meals? Look no further – the Gotham Steel XL is here.

This premium piece of high quality cookware features an 11 inch, 6 quart capacity design that can accommodate virtually anything you might want to throw in it. The Gotham Steel XL was designed for people who need an efficient piece of cookware that can be used for larger quantity servings, so you can enjoy cooking minus the need to use several other pots and pans in the process.

The Gotham Steel XL has a 25% larger capacity compared to other square pots in the market. It comes equipped with the same non-stick technology that other Gotham Steel pots and pans offer, so you can be sure that each use will be easy and hassle-free.

Another thing to love about the Gotham Steel XL is the fact that it was designed to replace other appliances and cookware pieces in your kitchen. With this fine piece of cookware, you can easily toss out all of your other pots, casseroles, your rice cooker, steamer, deep fryer, and even your worn out serving dishes.

Pros of the Gotham Steel XL

  • Non-stick technology means you can use the pot repeatedly without worrying about food sticking to the surface. Easily clean out your pot minus the need to soak and scrub.
  • Supersized capacity allows you to cook larger quantity meals without the need for extra pots and pans.
  • High temperature capacity makes it safe to pop the Gotham Steel XL into the oven for baking and roasting.
  • Beautiful design and exterior means you can take your pot straight from the stove to the dinner table and serve your food in style.
  • Comes with a steaming rack, a fry basket, and a tempered glass lid for greater functionality.

Cons of the Gotham Steel XL

  • Large pot design makes it difficult to store in cabinets and cupboards.

What Buyers Think

  • The Gotham Steel XL does exactly what it says it does. The premium non-stick surface is super durable, able to withstand high temperatures and onslaught from a variety of different kitchen utensils. While it can be difficult to store because of its large size, the pot does replace several pots, pans, and appliances, so you can toss out whatever you don’t need to make room for this superior piece of cookware.
  1. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

Pasta has to be one of the most tedious dishes to cook. Often, you’ll need to use a separate pot to cook the pasta itself, which can be difficult because not all pots are optimized to handle such a fickle ingredient in a large amount.

That’s why the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot has made a very positive reputation for itself on the market. This premium piece of cookware was designed specifically for the purpose of cooking pasta, equipped with a variety of features that makes it the ultimate pasta cooking pot on the market – unrivalled by any other option.

The design makes use of the same Ti-Cerama technology that other Gotham Steel pots and pans use, so you can be sure of a seamless usage every time. The handles are uniquely built to lock and twist, keeping the lid securely fastened to the pot while you hold on to the handles minus the fear of getting burns.

The sides of the lids have dedicated straining holes that come in two different sizes. Strain your pasta with ease from the pot itself sans the issue of having any noodles or pasta pieces slipping through the holes.

Finally, the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot features the same superior heat conduction capacity as other Gotham Steel pots and pans. This means you can easily cook your pasta without the need for oils and butters, so you can enjoy healthier meals with each use.

Pros of the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

  • Twist and lock handles make it easy to handle the pot without fear of burns. The specially designed handles do not conduct heat for maximum safety and ease of use.
  • Perforated lid sides allow users to strain the pasta of water straight from the pot. Eliminate the need for an extra strainer.
  • No oil or butter needed, thanks to the pot’s superior heat conduction capacity.
  • Extra durable and robust, without sacrificing style and sophistication. Serve your pasta in this beautiful pot to impress your dinner guests.
  • Multifunctional pot allows you to boil, blanche, and cook a variety of other meals.

Cons of the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

  • Limited capacity at only 4 or 5 quarts.
  • Not compatible with induction cooktops.

What Buyers Think

  • The Gotham Steel Pasta Pot is a major investment for someone who loves whipping up different pasta dishes at home. The pot’s unique twist and lock feature makes it extra safe so you can say goodbye to the balancing act that happens between the stove and the sink.

The pot cooks pasta much faster, with lesser need for oil. This means you can enjoy healthier, low calorie meals every time you use the Gotham Steel Pasta Pot. This piece of cookware would have been rated a perfect 10 star product had it been made available in a bigger capacity. It also wouldn’t hurt to make a version that’s compatible with induction cooktops.

  1. Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set

If you’re thinking about really stepping up your kitchen arsenal with a sound investment that won’t cost much, you should look into buying the Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set. This bundle includes a variety of Gotham Steel products that will take your kitchen from ill-equipped to fully functional.

The 10 piece kitchen set from Gotham Steel includes an 8.5 inch frying pan, a 10.5 inch frying pan, a 1.5 quart pot, a 2.5 quart pot, a 5 quart pot, and an aluminum steamer. Each item mentioned comes with a bundled tempered glass lid except for the 8.5 inch frying pan which is a stand-alone piece of cookware.

The Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set was put together to give you a complete cooking arsenal that you can use for a variety of meal preparation methods. The different sized pots make them a great choice if you find yourself preparing meals that require multiple different components like sauces, meats, and pastas.

Another thing that makes the Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set a winner is the fact that each piece of cookware comes with the same, stylish, sophisticated design that all Gotham Steel pots and pans feature. This means you can proudly have your cookware set on display in your kitchen to give it an instant aesthetic boost.

Pros of the Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set

  • Multifunctional kitchen set allows you to cook a variety of meals in a variety of quantities.
  • Ti-Cerama technology guarantees each piece of the set is made to the highest of durability standards, so you can use any utensil without worrying about damaging the non-stick surface.
  • Beautiful design allows you to proudly put your Gotham Steel 10 piece set on display or use them as serving dishes, straight from your kitchen stove.
  • Much more affordable than buying each Gotham Steel pot or pan as an individual purchase, saving you more money in the long run.

Cons of the Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set

  • Although each piece is a different size, the types of pots and pans included lack variety. For instance, the Gotham Steel Square Pan doesn’t come with the bundle.
  • Unlike other kitchen set bundled, the Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set doesn’t include kitchen utensils like spatulas.

What Buyers Think

  • If you’re looking for something affordable, the Gotham Steel 10 Piece Kitchen Set is the perfect choice. This complete set gives you a wide range of various sized pots and pans that you can use for big meals for the family, or small entrees just for you.

The only downside to the entire set is that it lacks variety in terms of the designs of the pots and pans. The lack of the Gotham Steel Square Pan or the XL Pot makes restricts its versatility.

Gotham Steel Versus Other Contenders on the Market

In the market of premium cookware, there are a few other brands that compete with Gotham Steel. These are the Copper Chef and Red Copper brands. You might be thinking – which of these three brands will really give me the best value for my money? Find out with our quick comparisons.

  1. Gotham Steel vs. Copper Chef

The main difference between the Copper Chef and the Gotham Steel line of cookware is the material. The Copper Chef brand of pots and pans feature a unique 5-layer construction that allows heat to move through the pan with ease and efficiency. In many ways, it comes close to the Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama design, but it does pose the risk of getting scratched by metal kitchen utensils.

Another thing to consider is the usage. Gotham Steel pots and pans are commonly used for baking, roasting, and searing, while the Copper Chef pots and pans are ideal for grilling, steaming, and deep frying.

  1. Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper

Red Copper is another popular kitchenware brand that competes with the Gotham Steel brand. Between the two brands, the difference lies in the material that the cookware products are made of and the way they’re best used.

Versus Gotham Steel’s Ti-Cerama construction – made from a combination of ceramic material and titanium – Red Copper uses ceramic which is reinforced by a tough copper component. This makes it a close competitor in terms of durability, however it does lack the resilience that Gotham Steel offers against metal silverware.

Finally, the Red Copper brand specializes in manufacturing pots and pans for the purpose of frying, stir frying, and broiling. This is very different from the purpose of Gotham Steel pans and pots which are mostly for baking, roasting, and searing.

Which Brand is For You?

When choosing between these three competing brands, the only thing you really need to consider is how you work inside the kitchen. Think of the meals that you or your family prefer, and how you like to use your pots and pans.

The Gotham Steel line of cookware is perfect for people who want fast, delicious meals that don’t call for the use of expensive utensils to guarantee the safety of the cookware. They’re also much easier to clean than any other option on the market, so if you don’t like spending time slaving over your kitchen sink when meal time is over, then the Gotham Steel brand of cookware is the perfect choice for you.


The Gotham Steel cookware brand is one of the best choices on the market for a few good reasons. Firstly, these premium pots and pans don’t give in to wear and tear the same way that others do. Their unique Ti-Cerama construction makes them virtually impervious to damage. So you can easily use any silverware or utensil you want to ease the cooking process and limit the things you need to clean up afterwards.

The pots and pans themselves are very easy to clean, with all ingredients simply sliding off the cooking surface effortlessly. This means you can use less oil and spend less time scrubbing away at residual food, unlike other pans and pots that need to be soaked.

All in all, the Gotham Steel cookware line makes it easy to love cooking. These high quality pots and pans are the perfect choice if you want top notch meals and seamless clean up for a problem-free kitchen experience.