Magic Bullet Reviews – Is it the Best Personal Blender?

magic bullet blender
  • The Magic Bullet is a very popular blender, even despite the fact that there are far more advanced machines available on the market today. Why is that?
  • The secret of the Magic Bullet’s popularity lies in the fact that this little blender is highly efficient for an appliance of such small size. The fact that it’s one of the cheapest high-quality options available on the market really adds to the machine’s popularity.
  • In simple terms, this little blender is perfect for the vast majority of people. It can do everything one would expect from this kind of appliance.
  • The quality of the machine is high, which is proven by dozens of positive reviews from satisfied users and the cost of the appliance is relatively low.
  • However, no blender is perfect, and you need to be aware of the Magic Bullet’s limitations in order to determine whether this appliance is right for you. This is essential, as you need to know what exactly the machine is capable of.
  • If you don’t want to be disappointed with your purchase, you need to make sure that your expectations don’t exceed the Magic Bullet’s capabilities. This review should help you with that.
  • 250 Watts
  • 0.335 Horsepower
  • Blender Pitcher Capacity - 16 oz
  • 12 & 2 x 8 oz mugs included
  • Made in China
  • LxWxH - 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 inches
  • BPA Free
  • ​Weight - 4.7 pounds
  • ​1 yr limited warranty
  • No touch Button- place cups on High-Torque Power Base 
  • ​Colour - Silver
  • ​Included Recipe Book
  • Dish washer safe

Magic Bullet : What Can It Do?

  • As a blender, the Magic Bullet is capable of performing various tasks. You should start by doing some research in order to determine what appliances of this class are capable of.
  • The most important thing you have to understand is that the Magic Bullet is not the same kind of blender as the Vitamix or Blendtec. Those machines are much more advanced and designed for heavy use.
  • The Magic Bullet is a nice little helper in the kitchen, but its performance will never be able to live up to the heavy duty machines favored by blending enthusiasts.
  • If you are one of them and want to buy an appliance that will provide you with smoothies, flours, and other delicious, healthy foods on a daily basis, the Magic Bullet is not for you.
  • This machine is good for an occasional smoothie, grinding coffee beans, and a few other simple tasks. You need to know the limitations of its performance capabilities to determine whether the Magic Bullet will be able to meet your needs. Here is what this blender can do:

It can make smoothies.

This is the first and foremost function of every blender. The Magic Bullet is relatively good with this task. It’s a single-serve blender that is equipped with containers that are really easy to use.

You can drink your smoothie right from the jar, and this convenience is one of the major factors in the Magic Bullet’s favor. However, you need to understand that despite the fact that this blender is capable of making smoothies, the number of ingredients it can effectively liquefy is limited. There will be no making green smoothies from highly-fibrous vegetables.

This machine is not powerful enough to blend them properly. The best you can expect your Magic Bullet to do with carrots and broccoli is to chop them into uneven chunks. So, if you are going to purchase a Magic Bullet, you need to be prepared to only make smoothies from soft ingredients.

It can grind coffee beans.

It seems silly to buy a separate machine that will only grind coffee. The Magic Bullet, like many other blenders, can handle this task quickly and efficiently. Even despite the low power rate of the appliance, it can grind coffee beans rather nicely.

However, you shouldn’t forget that it’s not a heavy duty machine. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it for grinding daily. If you do, the wear will break it down very fast.

It can make spreads.

When you buy a Magic Bullet, you get a book of simple recipes. You will be able to learn quite a few interesting things from it, including recipes for spreads.

However, the biggest fault of the Magic Bullet, namely its lack of motor power, will prevent you from making some of the delicious things described in the recipes. This machine really can make some spreads that will go well with toast or crackers, but you need to choose the ingredients very carefully.

It is capable of juicing.

Remember that a Magic Bullet is not a juicer. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect the same kind of results from this machine. It is indeed true that it can juice some of the softer fruits and vegetables.

However, the finished product of this process will not be the clear drink that a specialized machine can create. This may not be a bad thing, however, because the pulp that is discarded by juicers is actually more nutritious than the liquid.

If you use a blender for this task, you get both the liquid and the pulp. Therefore, the drink you receive is much healthier.

It can chop.

Chopping onions and other ingredients with about the same density level shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, don’t expect your Magic Bullet to effectively dice something as thick as carrots.​

Things we liked

  • Very affordable
  • Hardcover Recipe Book Included
  • BPA Free

Things we didn't like

  • ​Heating Functionality-cannot heat soups & sauces
  • Low smoothie quality due to low power

Real Customer Reviews - Magic Bullet

“I’ve been using my Magic Bullet for four months now, and I’m satisfied with the results. Of course, it does not deliver the phenomenal results promised in the ads, but I wasn’t really expecting any miracles from a low power device like that. The blender does everything I want it to and gives me absolutely no problems. As far as I’m concerned, the machine is great.

Paul Summers

I’ve read quite a few reviews about the motor overheating, so I was hesitant about buying a Magic Bullet. However, the deal was too good to pass up. Now, I’m happy to say that it was the right decision! The blender is good. It’s everything I expected it to be, and no problems with the motor so far

Sarah Connel

Should You Buy the Magic Bullet?

Now that you know what this machine can do, you should be able to decide whether it has a place in your kitchen. In essence, the Magic Bullet is a good, reliable blender that can perform all the tasks expected from this appliance.

The only downside of this machine is its low power level. With only a 250-watt motor, the Magic Bullet is simply incapable of liquefying ingredients denser than soft fruits and veggies.

But if you aren’t a smoothie junkie who wants to use a blender on a daily basis, and only need an appliance that will serve you well for occasional use, the Magic Bullet will be a great choice. It is affordable, stylish, and compact.

The machine will fit any kitchen, and will take up very little space. The cups that come with the blender are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

There are very few complaints about this machine. The biggest issue reported by users is the motor overheating. However, this is usually caused by overusing the device.

All in all, the Magic Bullet is convenient and easy to use. As long as your needs don’t exceed the capabilities of a 250-watt motor, it will be a purchase you will not regret.