Best Ninja Blender Reviews

Reviews of the best professional blenders and processors

A healthy person might see a blender as an easy way to make a smoothie, while a socialite might see it as a way to make great margaritas. A chef might see it as a way to make pizza dough or hummus. Luckily, a good blender can do all of the above!

It is always important for your money being spent on good quality, whether it is meant as a gift for your loved ones or simply for yourself. Most people would not end up spending too many bucks on kitchen appliances. You would want something that can accommodate your needs, without shelling out hundreds of bucks for something that will be used once a week. Hence, we have taken the liberty of bringing the reviews of some top-notched blenders and processors.

  1. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

The Ninja Professional Blender (BL610) is one the most popular and affordable blenders. It has been aired on several infomercials. This sleek blender can pulverize soft fruits, vegetables, and other leafy ingredients into consistent and grainy liquid. Thanks to the professional-grade power blades, it is also designed to crush ice, therefore making it perfect to make frozen desserts. Its dimensions are 17.5 inches x 6.0 inches x 9.0 inches

It has 1000 watts of professional performance power and high-torque motor, allowing you to blend and mix even the toughest of ingredients in a matter of seconds. The blender also comes with a 72 oz. pitcher. This capacity will effortlessly allow you to make a wide range of juices or smoothies for 6-8 people with unparallel finesse.

Ninja has also made sure the blender is BPA and dishwasher safe, lest you worry about harmful chemicals seeping into your food/drink mix. Cleaning this blender is a cake-walk.


  • Easily crushes tough ingredients like ice and nuts
  • Can chop vegetables and fruits well
  • Offers many features of top blenders, but at a quarter of the price


  • Not suitable for making decent smoothies
  • Complicated to assemble/disassemble
  • Not easy to operate
  • Some parts of the blender are prone to stress-cracking


  1. Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL456)

The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL456) is one of the most basic models of the Ninja personal blender product line. Due to professional advertising campaigns, this is one of the most popular blenders among consumers. It is an easy machine to use and has enough power to prepare your food quickly.

In order to unlock all the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables, The Nutri Ninja blenders come with a powerful and ultra-responsive Nutrients and Vitamin extraction performance.

With power of over 900 Watts, this blender can easily crush through ice, skins, seeds, and the toughest vegetables for your silky-smooth daily healthy dosage of juice. The motor is implemented with a safety switch in case of overloading, hence preventing any motor damage; although, the machine needs a minimum of 30 minutes of cooling time.

It also measures just 13.9 inches x 12 inches x 6.8 inches, and it only weighs 8.2 pounds. Despite its small size, the Ninja BL456 can easily compete with many other high-end blenders. It comes with two easy-to-wash polycarbonate cups. It has a single-blade assembly that can be attached to the appropriate cup when needed. The sleek and simple design is another cool factor.


  • Can produce decent quality smoothies
  • The only blender in the price range that can crush ice consistently
  • Very versatile and easy on the budget
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe


  • Plastic blade drive connection
  • Comes with only one year warranty
  • A bit overpriced for a bullet type blender


  1. Ninja Professional Blender packed with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

With a high powered 1100 Watts motor, this blender can easily be used as a viable option for a café or catering a large gathering. The six blade system coupled with this motor ensures extremely fast blending and mixing and meets the versatile cooking demands from over the world. Various ingredients such as leafy vegetables or tough-cased fruits can be blended in a matter of seconds. To top it all, it also comes with two Nutri Ninja Cups, each with 16 oz. capacity; you can make a personal flavoured smoothie almost every day and take it wherever you want to!

Altogether, the Ninja Blender (BL660) is a reasonably versatile and sleek machine and is capable of a variety of tasks. The blades are built to slice through food items effectively and smoothly. With these superior professional blades, you can easily convert ice into snowflakes. It is a great addition to people who make lots of smoothies and sports shake. The blades are removable.

It has a low profile design, measuring 9.2 inches x 12 inches x 16.4 inches.

This Ninja is easy to clean since it does not spill or leak. If you are looking for a blender that can mix large as well as small quantities of volume, then this blender is right for you.


  • Powerful motor and blades, enough to crush ice
  • Excellent value for money
  • Large capacity pitcher for serving the whole family
  • Easy to wash since all parts are dishwasher safe
  • One-year Guarantee
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe


  • Processing tough ingredients may take a long time
  • Extremely sharp blades- need to be very careful
  • 17” tall body and not easy to set up
  • Becomes durable and fragile in a short period of time


  1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Processor, Blender, Nutri Ninja Cups) BL770

This mega kitchen system is packed with two-horsepower 1500 Watt motor in a die-cast base. Large quantities of food can be processed within a very short period of time. Any processor of this power capacity would be large, but the ninja kitchen system’s dimensions are only 18.4 inches x 19.6 inches x 15.5 inches and weigh about 15.8 pounds.

The blender also comes with a 72 oz. pitcher that can be used in more ways than just blending juices. You can easily crush ice to make the perfect smoothies and cold coffee. The disc system touched the lid and has blades at three different levels, thereby ensuring faster crushing of the toughest nuts and fruits.

The high-quality stainless steel blades are positioned in such a manner that there is no way any fruit or vegetable escapes being cut. With this professional-grade blending system, you can easily turn fruits into smoothies within seconds. You can also choose between the six-blade assembly system of the four-blade assembly system, according to your choice. It can effortlessly mix a variety of food items without turning them into mushy things.

The Ninja also comes with two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups made of high-grade plastic.


  • 1500 Watt Power
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Total Crushing Technology easily turns ice to snow
  • All models are packed with recipe guides
  • Affordable


  • Extra sharp blades, can cut if not careful
  • Extremely loud
  • 4” size makes it difficult to store in cabinets

Bottom Line

If you are looking for some of the top-level blenders, the above four options are the best for you. These are pocket-friendly designs that can help you prepare some of the world’s best smoothies for you and your family! Whether you are hosting a huge cocktail party or simply a family get-together, these four are easily the top-most blenders of 2018.

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