Magic Bullet Nutribullet 600 Reviews – Is it the Best Nutribullet Blender?

With Magic Bullet Nutribullet, you can make delicious drinks, smoothies and more nutrient drinks to enjoy. The magic bullet Nutribullet 12 piece nutrient extraction mixer offers more than many blenders in the market.

This product is not like many leading products such as the Nutribullet RX and Vitamix 750 in the market but it is considered to be in its own special group.It completely breaks down ingredients into the most absorptive and nutritious state. However, the question is; is the Magic bullet Nutribullet a good product for your home?

1. Summary Properties​

  • The Magic bullet Nutribullet comeswith a low powerful 600 watt motor. It’s a great product with 3 cup capacity.
  • It does also offer other features such as great milling blade, extractor blade, comfort lip ring and much more.
  • At the same time, it comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • High Torque Power Base - 0.6 HP & 600 watts
  • One Touch Buttons -Number of Speeds: 1
  • LxWxH - 12.9 x 9 x 13 inches
  • Weight - 7.7 pounds
  • 24 oz Cups 
  • Made in China
  • One Touch Buttons and easy to use
  •  1-year limited warranty

2. Magic Bullet Nutribullet 600 Review - Features

  • Like the way they are seen on TV, magic bullet nutribullet 600 offers everything the consumer needs to create delicious and nutrient-rich drinks and dishes. Cracks through stems, shreds tough skins, breaks down even the toughest foods to unlock the vital nutrition inside.
  • Its features lets you easily chop, shred and dice any food with ease. Exclusive Cyclonic Action along with the included extractor blade generates the power to break down and emulsify foods for maximum nutrient extraction
  • .It offers features such as:
  • The Extractor Blade

    The blade comes in a unique design when combined with the magic bullet exclusive power, the output is very impressive.

    The combination helps to break through tough seeds, thick stems and leafy greens. The blade is made of stainless steel and it never needs sharpening like other blenders in the market.

  • The Milling Blade

    The magic bullet Nutribullet blender comes with a milling blade also. It has a flat design and made of stainless steel. This blade gives you’re the power to mill grain, grinding fresh herbs and chopping nuts. It gives its consumer’s the opportunity to make homemade flours and experimenting on new ideas.

  • The Power base

    The power base is the heart of the magic bullet Nutribullet blender. This is where a 600 watt motor is located. All you have to do is plugin the product and place the tall cup onto the Nutribullet. The motor is a high tongue based motor.

  • No Buttons

    This product does not come with any buttons. This makes it very easy to great smoothies and grind vegetables. For this product to function, all you have to do is to plug it in, then prepare your ingredients in one of the tall cups and press it into the power base. Automatically, it will switch itself on.

  • Warranty

    Like with all Nutribullet products, the magic bullet Nutribullet also comes with a one year warranty. At the same time, it does come with 60 days refundable policy minus shipping cost and restocking cost. In most cases, this will depend on the store you buy the product.

  • Price

    The cost of this product ranges from $87 - $119.99. In most cases, the cost of the product does not include shipping cost or the S&H cost. Many stores in US offer returning policy of up to 60 day. To initiate the retuning policy, you have to call customer care if bought from the manufacture..

3. Whats are the Pros and Cons?

Things we liked

  • Hardcover Recipe Book Included
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwaser safe

Things we didn't like

  • Slightly more expensive
  • ​No Heating Functionality-cannot heat soups & sauces. See Nutribullet RX

4. Bottom Line

The magic bullet Nutribullet offers great features and specifications to the consumer. It does also come with a good motor power, though not like Nutribullet pro 900. One thing is certain, this product does its work very well and it does have a great design.