Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 Series Reviews 2017 – Best Nutribullet?

After the 600W version of Nutribullet, came a more bigger and powerful Nutribullet Pro 900 Series. It offers a powerful motor of 900watts, bigger cups of up to 32oZ and 2 extractor blades unlike its predecessor.

In the market, it is the number one recommended blender, otherwise known as The Smoothie Maker.Compared to its predecessors Nutribullet 600, the Nutribullet 900 is expected to perform even better.

The Nutribullet pro 900 comes with great features that make it one of the leading products in the market. These features include:

  • High-torque Power Base -900 watt motor
  • Power supply: 120V
  • One Touch Buttons and easy to use
  • Recipe Book included
  • LxWxH - 14 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Weight - 11.4 pounds
  • 1 x 32 OZ Colossal Cup & 2 24 OZ Tall Cup
  • 1 year warranty

2. Nutribullet Pro 900 Properties


In the world of blenders, there is no blender that comes closer to the Nutribullet pro 900. We all know about other blender such as the Vitamix 5300 and it’s widely uses.

However, the problem with the Vitamix is that it is too big and the Nutribullet has solved this problem. Instead of making one huge smoothie, the Nutribullet pro 900 is ideal for making a single serving

Power & Multipurpose

With a 900 watt power motor, this blender churns smoothies with good consistency. You can blend raw vegetables and fruits with ease.

The best part of this product is that you can use it in many different ways apart from making smoothies, its a multipurpose blender. For example, you can use the blender to make homemade bean drips and hummus.

With just few pulses, the blender will deliver silky creaminess for any connoisseurs. You can also use the power offered by this blender to make homemade flours.

Pricing and Warranty

The product comes with a one year warranty and it covers all and any defect that arises during this period. It won’t cost you anything. The warranty does not apply to wear and tear, but defects only.

It comes with a price range of $130 - $180 depending on where you buy the product. At the same time, the cost for the product is affected by factors such as shipping, S&H and others. Even though this product is expensive compared to the Nutri Ninja blender, it is quite worth the price.


The limitation that consumers have reported about the product is a little flow on the material used for the blender. It's made from plastic and consumers have reported that after long use, they do notice cracks around the cups.

Due to the cylindrical shape of the blender cups, cleaning can be very difficult as well. Trying to squeeze a sponge into the blending cup is a major pain for anyone that has normal sized hands, leave alone big hands.

3. What are the pros and cons?

Things we liked

  • Hardcover Recipe Book Included
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe

Things we didn't like

  • No Heating Functinality - doesn't heat soup
  • Nutribullet RX is a more powerful blender

4. The Bottom Line

This product is ideal for making single servings. It's cheaper than the Nutribullet RX. However, the RX has a heating functionality which makes it ideal for making hot soup.​

The smoothies you get from the Nutribullet pro 900 are smooth while the Nutribullet 600 produces a somewhat chunky smoothie.

Depending on your budget, this product is better than the Nutribullet 600, however, the Nutribullet RX is more ideal if you would like to make hot soups