Red Copper Pan Reviews 2020 – Buyers Guide

Red Copper Reviews

While everyone wants to be able to boast of their kitchen prowess, no one wants to slave over the sink at the end of a meal. No doubt, the clean-up part of the cooking process is the most tedious, time consuming, and tiring. Fortunately, there are things you can do to speed up the clean-up.

Investing in a set of top quality pots and pans will help ease your life in the kitchen in a number of ways. Aside from improving the quality of the meals you prepare, a good set of cookware should also be much easier to clean, cutting the time you spend soaking and scrubbing pots and pans at the end of every meal.

The Red Copper line of kitchenware and cookware is a prime brand that offers an easy solution to all your kitchen clean-up problems. Promising an efficient, smart, and problem-free cooking experience, the Red Copper brand is the ultimate choice if you’re on the market for a great kitchen investment that will help you become the cooking whiz you’ve always wanted to be.

Don’t settle for anything less and find out just why the Red Copper brand of cookware is a major upgrade from anything you might have in your kitchen.

More About Red Copper

The entire Red Copper brand was built around the idea that anything you use in your kitchen is likely to look and function like an abused piece of metal before long. Pots and pans are often subjected to high temperatures, frequent use, and the onslaught of a variety of cooking utensils that can easy scratch and damage its build. That’s why the Red Copper brand was created – to give you an efficient cooking companion that you can abuse for years without worrying about damage.

The concept was brought to life by Cathy Mitchell – a well-known and loved TV personality and American chef known for her smart kitchen hacks and simple yet scrumptious recipes that anyone can do at home. Understanding how hard it can be to clean up after a dirty set of cookware, Cathy Mitchell came up with the Red Copper concept which promises to give you a durable set of cookware that you can use and clean with minimal effort, sans the fear of damaging the pieces.

The Red Copper brand incorporates a bunch of unique design concepts that have yet to be seen in any other cookware brand on the market. This premium line of pots and pans promises to give you a seamless experience in the kitchen, so you can enjoy better meals and cut back on clean-up time.

So, what exactly sets the Red Copper brand apart from the rest? Keep on reading.

What Makes Red Copper Special?

Red Copper uses a unique material combination in order to provide you the seamless cooking experience it promises. Their pots and pans are made from a combination of ceramic and reinforced copper, which ultimately gives the products their non-stick property.

Copper also is exceptionally superior when it comes to conducting heat. This doesn’t only mean you can cook your meals with less oil, but that you can also finish cooking much faster.

Another reason that the Red Copper brand is a great choice is because the copper component makes the pots and pans particularly easier to clean. Each Red Copper product promises to have ingredients slide off with ease, so you won’t have to go through the process of soaking and scrubbing. This also limits the chances of damaging and scratching the surfaces of your cookware with scouring pads and textured sponges.

Finally, the Red Copper brand offers great aesthetic value. Each product boasts a beautiful copper finish that makes it easy to serve your meals straight from your stove to your dinner table. This also means you can keep your pots and pans on display instead of finding places for them in storage for easy access and added decorative flair.

Reviews for Red Copper Products

  1. Red Copper Square Pan

One of the easiest, fastest, and most frequently used methods of cooking is frying. So anyone would say that their frying pan is possibly the most abused piece of cookware in their kitchen. For that reason, it has become something of a norm for people to replace their pans after just a few years (or months!) of use.

The Red Copper Square Dance Pan promises to change all of that. With its unique copper and ceramic material combination, the pan heats up more efficiently compared to other options on the market. This allows you to achieve healthy, delicious meals with less oil in shorter time.

The pan also features an optimally designed riveted handle that doesn’t conduct heat so you can grip the pan straight from the oven without fear of sustaining burns.

The capacity and shape of the pan are also worth considering. The large surface area and the square shaped surface make it possible for users to accommodate more ingredients at any given time. The pan can also be used for baking and roasting, with its high temperature capacity of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Efficient, elegant, and easy, the Red Copper Square Dance Pan is revolutionizing the way people fry their food. Allowing a variety of other functions and cooking styles, this superior frying pan will definitely find a worthy spot in your kitchen for you to use and enjoy many times over throughout the years.

Pros of the Red Copper Square Dance Pan

  • Square shaped cooking surface allows the pan to accommodate much more ingredients compared to other pans on the market.
  • Copper and ceramic material combination promises a superior non-stick surface that you won’t have to worry about damaging.
  • Easy to clean and – say goodbye to soaking your pan and scrubbing with pads and textured sponges.
  • Aesthetically pleasant, allowing you to use the pan as a serving dish itself.
  • Can be used as a roasting pan, a baking pan, a frying pan, and much more. The Red Copper Square Dance Pan is a versatile piece of kitchen cookware that you can use on the daily.

Cons of the Red Copper Square Dance Pan

  • Doesn’t come with a lid.
  • Only available in a single size.

What Buyers Think

  • The Red Copper Square Dance Pan is a great kitchen companion that makes those everyday meals much easier to prepare and clean-up after. The pan does exactly what it says, allowing ingredients to slide seamlessly off of the pan and into your plate.
  • The only downsides are that it doesn’t come with a lid, and that it doesn’t come in any other size which can limit the selection for users who want bigger or smaller options.
  1. Red Copper Round Pan

Looking for something a little more on the traditional side? The Red Copper Round Pan is a familiar kitchen staple that adds a unique twist to your usual cooking routine. This top notch, revolutionary pan improves the ease and convenience of using a standard cooking pan, and at the same time, helps you kick back sooner after meal time by speeding up the cleaning process.

The pan features the same Red Copper pan construction, made of a combination of copper and ceramic for a durable cooking surface that won’t sustain damage. Much more efficient at conducting heat, the Red Copper pan is also great for cooking with less oil so you can serve healthier meals to the ones you love the most.

In terms of safety and handling, the Red Copper Round Pan offers an extra riveted handle opposite the standard frying pan handle. This allows users to firmly grasp on to the pan with two hands to prevent accidents, burns, and injuries.

Finally, unlike the Red Copper Square Dance Pan, the Round Pan comes in two different sizes. Available in 10 inch and 12 inch variants, you can purchase the perfect sized pan to fit your home cook needs.

Pros of the Red Copper Round Pan

  • Red Copper pan construction means exceptional durability, resistance to damage, and non-stick performance.
  • Easier to clean than other pans on the market, eliminating the need to soak or scrub after use.
  • Traditional pan shape and size, making it a familiar cooking companion that you can easily get used to.
  • Exceptional aesthetics and design – perfect for using as a serving dish or for putting on display in your kitchen.
  • Comes in two different sizes. Pick a pan that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Serves a variety of functions, even able to sustain high oven temperatures for baking and roasting.

Cons of the Red Copper Round Pan

  • Doesn’t come with a bundled tempered glass lid.
  • Not compatible with induction cookers.

What Buyers Think

  • The Red Copper Round Pan is the perfect everyday companion for cooking meals just for one, or for the whole family. The unique design means you can use the pan for a variety of cooking methods that many other pans wouldn’t be able to perform. The inclusion of a bundled tempered glass lid would have made it an unrivalled 5 star pan.
  1. Red Copper Flipwich

Sandwiches are probably the easiest meals to prepare. Complete with all the ingredients to keep us full and satisfied throughout the day, sandwiches are a parent’s best friend especially with such limited time to prepare meals in the morning.

Of course, even if you’re just planning to send your kids to school with sandwiches in their lunchboxes, you likely want to be able to give them the best you can. Fortunately, the Red Copper Flipwich is available to help you step up your sandwich making game.

This unique kitchen tool was designed to help you create the best quality sandwiches in a shorter amount of time. It makes use of the same red copper construction that promises problem-free use minus the sticky, burnt mess that many other kitchen cookware pieces leave behind.

With the Flipwich, you can make a variety of easy meals like paninis, sandwiches, burgers, smores, and any other recipe you might whip up yourself.

Using the Flipwich couldn’t be any easier – just take your ingredients and construct them inside the metal compartment. Close the Flipwich and place over your stove. When you open it, expect to find a delicious, fresh sandwich, cooked to perfection.

Pros of the Red Copper Flipwich

  • Eases the process of sandwich making, and steps up quality and flavor so your family can enjoy healthy, delicious meals minus all the effort.
  • Non-stick technology guarantees an easy cleaning process no matter how sticky your ingredients might be.
  • Super simple usage process – just load your ingredients and set it over the stove.
  • Locking mechanism ensures your safety throughout use while keeping the flavors and ingredients locked in for premium quality and taste.
  • Versatile, so you can make a variety of different recipes from your own kitchen.

Cons of the Red Copper Flipwhich

  • Solid sides obstructs your view of the food, so you may need to guess regarding whether or not it’s been cooked enough.
  • Small size means you can only prepare one sandwich or meal at a time.

What Buyers Think

  • The Red Copper Flipwich is nothing short of a dream come true if you love preparing fast, delicious, and healthy meals for your family minus all the lengthy processes. The Flipwich is easy to use, clean, and store, so you’re likely to have a fun and problem-free cooking experience with this unique kitchen tool.
  • It would have been a 5-star product had it offered a provision for you to be able to view your food without opening the contraption. Being available in a variety of sizes would have also been beneficial for people who need to make sandwiches and meals in larger amounts.
  1. Red Copper Travel Mug

Probably an essential that many of us can’t live without is the humble travel mug. These convenient cups for people on the go helps make sure that you’ll have your favorite drink at the ready wherever you might find yourself. It’s particularly a hit among office workers and employees who don’t want to keep spending spare change to buy bottles of water or juice as the day wears on.

Red Copper has also come out with its own rendition of the travel mug, which puts a special twist on an otherwise standard drinking staple. The Red Copper Travel Mug features the same Red Copper construction of ceramic and copper which promises to preserve the flavor of your drink no matter how long you might carry it around.

The lid features a secure locking mechanism that guarantees zero leaks and drips. Plus, the mug itself comes with topple proof technology which means you won’t have to worry about the mug tipping or falling over in your bag or car, perfect if you have kids around or if you’re in the gym.

Able to keep cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours, the Red Copper Travel Mug is definitely a step up from your old travel mug that you should definitely consider investing in if you’re always holding on to a drink throughout the day.

Pros of the Red Copper Travel Mug

  • Topple proof design eliminates the need to worry about leaks, drips, and spills.
  • Secure lid locks in not just your drink, but also the flavor. This is particularly ideal for individuals who like taking freshly brewed coffee or fresh squeezed juice with them when they leave the house.
  • Preserves the temperature of your drinks for 8-12 hours, perfect if you’re hoping to enjoy your drink much later after you leave home.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design means you can proudly display your Red Copper Travel Mug anywhere in your home or office.

Cons of the Red Copper Travel Mug

  • The exterior of the mug conducts a bit of the heat which can make it difficult to hold on to for some users.

What Buyers Think

  • This premium travel mug is the perfect choice for people who have trouble with run-of-the-mill travel mugs that spill, topple, and break easily. The robust build and secure lid make it the ideal option for gym buffs and office workers who don’t want to have to worry about spilling their drink.
  • Improving on the insulation and preventing heat from accumulating along the exterior can make it an even better choice.
  1. Red Copper Ceramic Cookware Set

If you’re in search for the ultimate kitchen cookware investment, then there’s no need to look any further. The Red Copper Ceramic Cookware Set is a premium bundle of top notch products that promises to complete your kitchen, and even replace a few appliances along the way.

This bundle includes an 8 inch frying pan, a 10 inch frying pan, 3 sauce pans at 1.5 quarts, 2.5 quarts, and 6 quarts, and an aluminum steamer insert. All of the pans come with tempered glass lids, except for the 8 inch pan.

The combination of pots and pans makes it a comprehensive cookware set that can easily take your kitchen from unprepared to fully equipped with the best cookware money can buy. The varying sizes of pots and pans also means you can prepare meals of different sizes – either just for yourself, or for the whole gang.

Finally, coming in the signature Red Copper design, the 10 piece set should find its place on display anywhere in your kitchen. Enjoy serving your dishes in these pots and pans themselves, as they add a beautiful, sophisticated, and classy touch to any dinner table set up.

All in all, the Red Copper 10 piece set is definitely an investment you should make if you’re in search for a bundle that will maximize not only your budget, but also your kitchen cooking capabilities.

Pros of the Red Copper 10 Piece Set

  • With a variety of sizes of pans and sauce pans, this 10 piece set promises to make it possible for you to whip up different meals in different sizes. Enjoy cooking for yourself or for your whole family.
  • Each pan offers the same Red Copper construction and composition, so you can rely on its outstanding non-stick technology to speed up the cleaning process.
  • Much more economical than buying each piece separately, saving you more money in the long run.
  • Comes with matching lids so you don’t have to spend extra on accessories and parts.

Cons of the Red Copper 10 Piece Set

  • Lacks variety in pan shape, excluding the Red Copper Square Pan design.
  • No lid for the 8 inch pan can make it a bit of a hassle to use.
  • Doesn’t include any cooking utensils that other bundles offer.

What Buyers Think


  • The Red Copper 10 piece set is a comprehensive kitchen cookware bundle that will change the way you cook your meals. This premium line of kitchen essentials will guarantee that you’ll always have a pot or pan for whatever it is you’re whipping up.
  • With the inclusion of another tempered glass lid for the 8 inch pan, and perhaps another pan in a different shape, this 10 piece set would have been an unparalleled choice.

Red Copper versus Other Brands on the Market

  1. Copper Chef

Copper Chef is probably one of the most popular cookware brands on the market. Developed by renowned chef, TV personality, and author Eric Thiess, this line of kitchen essentials banks on the angle that cookware is often difficult to maintain. With a unique 5 layer composition, these pots and pans promise to stay looking brand new even after years of frequent use.

The main difference between the Copper Chef and Red Copper brands are the materials they use. Copper Chef uses ceramic, stainless steel, and tempered glass which makes it extra durable to high temperatures. This gives it a heat capacity of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to Red Copper’s 500 degree Fahrenheit capacity.

Despite this difference in heat capacity, the Copper Chef is intended for different uses. Most of their pots and pans are designed for preparing pastas, soups, and sauces, compared to Red Copper’s main function of frying.

  1. Gotham Steel

Another brand of premium cookware you’ve probably heard of by now is Gotham Steel Pans

Steel. Propelled to popularity by its developer Daniel Green, Gotham Steel offers a wide range of cookware that puts durability as its main selling point. The Ti-Cerama technology it uses promises that the pots and pans will not sustain any sort of scratches or damage no matter what utensils or cooking materials you might use on the surface.

The Gotham Steel takes pride in its durability, but basically offers the same heat resistance as Red Copper at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The main difference between the two is that Gotham Steel uses titanium in place of copper, which isn’t quite as easy to clean, but does promise long life.

Finally, Gotham Steel also differs in terms of use. While the Red Copper line of cookware was specially designed for frying and stir frying, the Gotham Steel brand focuses more on roasting and baking.

Which One is Right for You?

At this point, you might be wondering which of the three brands will best suit your needs. When it all comes right down to it, all you really need to consider is how you spend most of your time in the kitchen.

The Red Copper line of cookware is best if you want fast, easy meals using traditional cooking methods we know and love. The Red Copper pans are the premium choice if you want to be able to step up your meals without changing any of the processes you usually use. It’s also the best choice if you want to speed up the time you spend cleaning up after meals – a common burden among people who love cooking but don’t want to deal with the aftercare.


If you’re out looking for an investment that you can use and enjoy in your own kitchen, look no further. The Red Copper brand of cookware promises to improve your kitchen process and your meals, eliminating the usually burdens of slaving away over a hot stove.

The premium cookware design ensures that no ingredients will stick to the cooking surface, so you can stop soaking and scrubbing pans after you use them. The Red Copper pans and pots are also designed with a stunning red and copper color combination that makes them the perfect serving dishes. This means you can take meals straight from the stove to your table, eliminating the need for extra plates and dishes that need to be washed afterwards.

So make sure to spend your money wisely on a cookware piece that won’t sell you short. The Red Copper line of kitchen essentials promises to help you put your best culinary foot forward so you can enjoy the meal preparation process more than ever before.