Vitamix 5200 Reviews 2020 & High Performance Blender Super Package

Vitamix 5200 Reviews
  • The blenders are almost a mandatory piece of equipment in any modern kitchen, and picking the right one to serve your needs completely is not such an easy task, as the market is completely flooded with all sorts of these kitchen appliances.
  • The need for switching to healthy diet, and the raw food processing that is required in such diets dictates the necessity for these machines.
  • Still, finding the way to choose a blender that will be the best investment is not an easy task. There are several factors that determine if a certain product is a worthy investment or just a waste of your money.
  • Vitamix 5200 is certainly a model that managed to position itself on top of the ladder, and there are a few good reasons for that. It is characterised by several great features that make it simply unavoidable when considering a model to purchase. These features are as follows:
  • High performance
  • Warranty
  • Durability
  • Additional equipment
  • Efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Price
  • We will try to explain each of these segments in detail, and prove why Vitamix 5200 is a valuable addition to your kitchen.
  • The performance of each blender depends on two factors: the power of its motor, and the quality and design of its blades.
  • Vitamix 5200 has a very potent motor of 1380W and a set of laser sharpened blades, designed to blend and crush almost anything you put into the blender.
  • It is equally suitable for blending whole fruits, seeds, and even ice. Naturally, the number of variations in making all sorts of healthy meals is almost endless thanks to these features.

2. Warranty

  • Whenever buying any kind of kitchen appliance, one of the main indicators of its quality should be the warranty given.
  • It is a reasonable assumption that the gadgets with longer warranty period are made out of top quality materials and that they are designed in a way that will provide smooth and failure free operations over the period covered with warranty.
  • In this case, the warranty period is incredible 7 years, and it is a rare case when it comes to kitchen appliances and equipment. The fact that Vitamix 5200 is manufactured in the US greatly adds to its value.

3. Durability

  • Obviously, when something is covered with a 7 year warranty period, it certainly possesses the endurance needed to survive that period.
  • Vitamix 5200 is definitely a blender that is able to go on and on without any disruptions. The design of its blades and motor provides extended service with no compromise on the quality.

4. Additional Equipment

  • Vitamix 5200 comes with various pieces of additional equipment. The top option includes a motor base, two containers (32 oz. and 64 oz.), mini tamper, classic tamper, two different cookbooks, a DVD with manual and recipes, and a guide.

5. Efficiency

  • This is one of the most efficient and versatile blenders on the market. It is equally suited for making smoothies, and for carrying out additional kitchen related tasks such as milling and grinding.
  • Additionally, as it has 10 different speed regimes, you can easily adjust it to produce any texture you require. It makes it a valuable addition in baking cakes, and grinding any food, while producing the texture you need for a certain dish.

6. Maintenance

  • Vitamix 5200 is extremely easy to maintain, as its containers are made out of plastic and are easily washable. Since the base unit comes separately from the containers, there are no complicated cleaning routines with this device. Simply, it is enough to wash it in the sink and it is ready for another task.

7. Price

  • This is not a cheap blender, and investing in it can cause certain stress on your budget. On the other hand, given the warranty and the quality of processing, it has a great price-to-effect ratio.

Vitamix 5200 Reviews - Conclusion

  • Vitamix 5200 is a very efficient and versatile blender, ideally suited for family use. It provides value for every cent invested in it, and if you are looking to buy a blender, it is definitely a model worthy of considering.
  • It has set certain standards in the industry of blenders, and the other manufacturers will have a hard time to match its performance.