Vitamix 6300 Reviews 2020 – Is it the Best Vitamix Blender?

  • Picking the right blender for your kitchen is always a tricky task, and that becomes especially obvious when you need a versatile blender to cover several regular functions with the same device.
  • Additionally, the market offers too many options and it is sometimes hard to determine which kitchen appliance will give you the most.
  • We will here try to picture all the positives and negatives of Vitamix 6300, so you will be able to see this particular blender exactly as it should be seen.
vitamix 6300 reviews
  • Vitamix 6300 definitely possesses the necessary versatility to cover every segment of work you would expect from the ultimate blender.
  • It is great in preparing smoothies, as well as for cooking soups, or grinding seeds. This means that you will have all the aspects of healthy cooking covered by a single device
  • It also comes with a recipe book and all the recipes in it are perfectly suited for preparing in this blender, and even more importantly – they are tested by both manufacturers and the current users of Vitamix 6300.
  • The feedback given so far is all but positive and all the recipes provided can be made fast, and with the results you would expect.
  • All of this is provided by several features Vitamix 6300 possesses. It has the same motor as its predecessor Vitamix 5200, and it guarantees enough power and steady performance, no matter the strain put on it.
  • The base unit is rather heavy due to the weight of the motor, and when it comes to these parts, the rule that heavier is better still applies. Simply said, the increased weight is the consequence of the usage of high quality materials.
  • This is very important as it guarantees long service life without any loss of performances, and it additionally stabilizes the blender and allows even heavy duty tasks to be carried out with minimal vibrations.
  • The blades inside this blender are specially designed to cover all the aspects of exploitation. They are also made out of top quality steel, and are laser sharpened, which allows them to produce great results over the extended period of time.
  • The additional equipment available with Vitamix 6300 covers almost every aspect of potential use. Various additional containers and filtering bags are just the addition you need to round off the tasks that could be carried out with this blender.
  • Vitamix 6300 comes with 10 different programs, and they are all perfectly suited for making certain dishes. They are also tested on all the recipes provided with this blender and they always work perfectly.
  • The warranty is something that is extremely important when it comes to any new addition to your kitchen, and Vitamix 6300 comes with a 7-year warranty, with the option to upgrade it to 10 years.
  • There is a single kitchen appliance nowadays that is offered with such strong guarantees that it will work over such a long period of time, and that says a lot about this blender.

What We Didn't Like

  • Many users complain that it is a bit too noisy. Grinding, milling and blending is a process that definitely requires a strong motor, and the very grinding process creates additional noise, so it is not something that should discourage you from buying this blender.
  • The size of its motor and the speed of its blades dictate a bit increased noise, but provide steady and reliable operation.
  • Another minor negative is that this device is a bit too tall and can’t fit in many kitchens, below the kitchen cabinets. This inconvenient situation can be remedied by holding the base unit and the jar separately.
  • Also, as this problem has been noticed by the manufacturer, it is now possible to buy a redesigned 64 oz. jar that is much shorter and allows you to fit the blender wherever you want.

Vitamix Reviews: Conclusion

  • The negatives in this case are really minor, and are pretty much solved by adding new redesigned elements to the offer.
  • On the other hand, the efficiency, reliability, and quality of work make Vitamix 6300 one of the best solutions available on the market.
  • It certainly is the ultimate blender that can and will cover all your needs in a way that will please you to the fullest. Investing in this kitchen appliance pays off to the last cent.