Vitamix Dry Container Reviews – The 32 Ounce Dry Grains Container

Vitamix Dry Container
  • Grinding the seeds into flour can be a pretty tricky job if you are using a regular blender. Nowadays, more and more people are resorting to grinding their own seeds and baking their own bread in order to evade industrial food, and this can be a somewhat tricky and rather expensive solution if they are not equipped for such operations.
  • The Vitamix Company is well known for their innovations in the field of blending and grinding food and they offer a great addition to their standard blenders in a form of the Vitamix Dry Container. This is an accessory that can easily be used with any standard model from Vitamix C and G series.
Vitamix Dry Container
  • Although all other Vitamix blenders are quite suitable for grinding whole seeds, they are not too handy if you are using this function constantly over a prolonged period of time.
  • Simply, the standard blenders are more versatile machines with the blending as their primary function, and they can’t equally well carry out the grinding operations.
  • Additionally, the wear is much more significant if you use your standard blender for grinding on a daily basis.
  • Finally, it is a bit tricky to maintain the regular container if you need it for the grinding as well, since this operation demands that it is absolutely dry when using it.
  • The Vitamix Dry Container is just the solution for such problems. It is a separate part that is used only for processing dry ingredients. Its blades are distinctively different than the ones on standard jars, and this design allows much better performance in grinding operations.
  • It is mostly because the fact that these blades don’t push the beans down, but they push them away, allowing smooth operation, and avoiding inconsistency in particle sizes. In simpler words – there will be no build-up of dust beneath the blades, and the texture of the flour produce in this way will be consistent.
  • This approach in design also prolonged the longevity of the device, as the blades are not put under the pressure with the material piled beneath, near to the axle. Additionally, this special design allows great results when working with dough, as it will provide great consistency, and perfect spread.
  • Additionally, this container comes with a very handy measurement system, as it has the grades in millimetres, ounces, and cups, clearly marked on the transparent plastic. This is a real time saver as it completely eliminates the need to measure ingredients prior to putting them into the blender.
  • This container also has a self-cleaning function. It requires only a drop of cleaning fluid (regular soap for dishes) and some hot water, and within 30 seconds it will be clean and ready for drying.
  • The only option available when it comes to size is a 32 oz. dry container, but it pretty much covers the needs of any customer.
  • Finally, it comes with a clear user’s manual and a set of recipes for various dough combinations. These instructions are carefully written and the conditions provided inside them are tested, so you should follow them to the end.

2. Possible problems

Vitamix Dry Container

  • Although the user’s feedback is very positive, there are several things you should avoid doing with this container. First of all, you should stick to the instructions when it comes to grinding and milling times.
  • Longer operations can cause permanent damage to the container, and there will be no increase in grinding quality.
  • Also, certain users reported that milling herbs and spices over the long period of time can cause discoloration, persistent odour, and damage to the blades.

3. The price and is it worth it?

The Vitamix Dry Container is definitely not a cheap accessory. It alone is more expensive than an entire low-quality blender. Still, it is extremely useful and welcome addition to all those who depend on grinding their own seeds, grains, and beans.

Since it is very efficient and has a long service life, on a long run you will be able to make some significant savings. So, if your budget allows it, and if you have a need for such operations, Vitamix Dry Container is more than worth the money.